Happy Tails

This section of our site will feature cats that have found their forever homes through Cats Are People, Too! If you’d like your adopted cat or kitten to be featured on this page, post your Happy Tail and a photograph to our Facebook page, or drop them off at Pet Supplies Plus in Niles. You can view even more Happy Tails here!

Buddy Checks In!

Buddy is enjoying the good life with his cat friend, Kitty. His owner says he is a stinker and a sweetheart. Sounds like he’s being a kitten, all right! When they are not exasperating you they are amusing and charming you!

Scotti (Murray) Checks In!

Murray’s mom sent some cute pictures of one of our former foundlings! She says he fits right in with their gang and is much loved! SWEET!

Tiger and Lily Check In!

I apologize for this taking me so long to get to, but I wanted to give you an update on our two adorable little kitties that we adopted from you just before Christmas. Their names were Simba and Boo… and we renamed them Tiger and Lily. I spoke with you on the phone shortly after we adopted them, and at that point they were doing very well… and they have only gotten better! They have become such a special part of our family and they seem to be very happy here. They obviously feel right at home, patrolling the house, keeping track of the kids, making mischief, and sharing lots of love with us…

Together the kittens are quite a pair. They are such good buddies and almost always together. Whenever one of them wanders off to another part of the house and can’t find the other, they make the cutest little noises to call one another. They are also rather good at coming when their names are called… the prospect of a treat may have a little something to do with that, but they do come nonetheless. They are a joy to watch as they play and wrestle about the house. They will even play chase with each other.

Cheri H. and Family
March 1, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Indigo and Marlo (adopted in January) sent us this picture. There is nothing like a sister to snuggle with.

February 2011

Mad About Max

Max’s owner came by our bake sale and shared some photos of him and his sister, Millie Mocha. Max, (formerly Bosh), was adopted in October and look how big and magnificent he’s become! He loves to play with his sister who is also a black beauty. We love to hear about how our kittens are behaving, so stop by Pet Supplies “Plus” and leave us a note and picture.
May 8, 2011

Big Boy (Crackerjack) Checks In!

Big Boy’s owner checked in and gave us this photo. Big Boy is now Crackerjack and is apparently making himself quite at home. He still sleeps on the little cat pad we sent home with him at night and will nibble on his owner’s nose in the morning when it’s breakfast time. He no longer fits in this basket, though. We’re so glad to hear he is doing well!

December 7, 2010

Bosh (Max) checks in!

Bosh’s new mom sent us these pictures of Bosh (now Max) enjoying his new home. After a few days Max and the resident cat Millie were finding lots of things to get into together. Looks like a perfect match! We couldn’t be happier for them both!

Bernie Might Be Getting Spoiled!

Bernie is a Steeler’s Fan!

Bernie’s mom stopped by PSP and shared some photos of him. She had so many cute photos we could have oohed and ahhed all day! Bernie has a little stuffed dog he likes to carry around and lounge with. Way cute! He also has been known to attack feet at night and lick the sherbet lid when he’s not being watched.

When we hear how well our fosters are settling in it makes our day!

October 16, 2010

Tiger Boy Checks Back

Tiger boy’s family sent us some pictures of him in his new home. They say he’s a great addition to their family. They also mentioned he likes to suck on ears, sometimes quite early in the AM. I don’t THINK our volunteers encouraged that… But I wouldn’t bet on it.

October 4, 2010

The boys check back to CAPT!

Got an email from three of our former babies. They were adopted in April 2009 and were named Sunny, Oreo and Mr. Kisses. Looks like they are eating pretty well, and are now named Fox, Sly and Joey. Thanks for the update and behave yourselves!

July 19, 2010

Sparky Still Loves Us!

Sparky stopped by Pet Supplies “Plus” and left the bottom picture for his former caretakers to enjoy. Now, Sparky’s tongue is out, but on the back of the picture he had written, “Love Always”, so we know he’s just having some fun with us. Sparky was abandoned in a foreclosed house and left to fend for himself. His sweet little personality made the volunteers love him. We’re so glad to see he’s loved by his new family also!!

Sparky at the shelter

Sparky today

July 13, 2010

Feeling Punky for Percy!

I was sitting around missing my last foster kittens when I received some photos of Percy in his new home! Percy was adopted into a home with two other kittens that look exactly like him! So I don’t know which ones are Percy and which ones are his new siblings. But I do know I am so happy to see his gorgeous face and know he has friends to romp with and a loving family.

July 7, 2010

Luci Lucks Out

Luci Lu has been such a blessing and joy to our home! She is so loving and playful, just a perfect beauty! One thing Luci likes to do throughout the day is play with her older “sisters”, Stoli and GiGi. Stoli and Luci are both active and play a lot together. There is even a picture of the two of them together on the window perch watching the squirrels and birds outside. Luci is so inquisitive and always looking into things, whether it’s her basket of toys (including her favorite, a catnip-filled mitten) or climbing into a bag I bring home from the store-she’s always checking everything out! After a long day another of Luci’s favorite things is to stretch out as far as she can across the bed or couch and take a nap!

June 14, 2010

Taking a Chance

Kathy says, “I wanted to tell you about our kitty Chance (formerly Chase). We adopted him in August. He is almost a year old now, but is still quite a kitten. He loves to play with anything that moves. He watches the birds that land at the feeder and sleeps under the covers with me at night. He has a small toy that he will bring to me and he knows how to play fetch. He has a new cat brother now and they love to play together. Thank you for all you do for the cats that need you!”

Thank you Kathy, for being a loving mom to one of our orphans!
May 30, 2010

A Shining Penny

This week’s pet is the pampered Penny! She was formerly Emma and was adopted in March. Her new family says she is a wonderful companion! Here she strikes a Playgirl pose with one of her many toys.
May 16, 2010

Buffie Checks In

This is Buffie doing what she does best. Looking adorable and playing! A few months ago her future was dim. She was trying to live in a foul-smelling empty house on Oak Street with about 48 other cats. She now is living the good life as a much loved only cat.

I wish Buffie could write her story and explain to us humans where she came from and what it all means. Until Buffie learns to talk, I can only speculate that many loving hands on Earth and above helped guide her way home!
April 25, 2010

Hello, Dottie!

Here’s Dottie, sister to Ditto!
Her cat mom says:
*plays fetch with foil balls
*likes to eat whipped cream and vanilla ice cream
*has to be on the top spot on the kitty tower
*terrified of vacuum cleaner
*likes to take your seat at dinner if you move
*likes to chase her tail
*likes fleece blankets
*most of all, is glad she got to go to a home with her brother!

April 18, 2010

Ditto That!

This is Ditto! A former CAPT cat!
His mom had this to say about him:
*has crossed eyes and is blind in his right eye
*likes to play fetch
*jumps up walls and plays with the light switches
*likes to play in the snow and water
*likes to pounce on money, likes dimes and nickels, and hide them under rugs
*always has to be by someone
*likes to play with springy door stops
*once fell out of a window while being chased by his sister, Dottie.

April 11, 2010

Handicap? What handicap?

This week’s purrson’s owner had this to say about him, “Max is a special cat in all ways. He was dumped out of a car on Columbus Day when he was a kitten. We brought him to our home and have never stopped loving him since. We found out Max was deaf, but you would never know it the way he chases and plays with all his brothers and sisters. He can feel the vibrations of the garage door and he is always waiting at the top of the steps to greet us when we come home. Max loves to sit in front of our sliding glass door and wait for the squirrels and birds to come on our deck. He doesn’t miss a trick! It seems that perfect eyesight has compensated for hearing loss. We feel blessed to have this beautiful, loving cat in our lives.”

February 28, 2010

Sweet Sonny

This week’s purrson is Sonny. His sweet face doesn’t give any hint to how close to death he was. His ailment was a medical mystery that involved a lot of trail and error treatment. Many times it was thought it might be best to just let him slip away. Finally, it was discovered that he was suffering from a pancreatic ailment that requires he eat raw pancreas daily and have supplemental powders in his food. With the proper diet he began to gain weight and have more energy. The first time he played with a toy was a true delight to watch. He’s a laid back kitten with a voracious appetite who has taught his humans about miracles and holding on.

February 22, 2010

Shelby Checks In

This week’s purrson is the perky looking Shelby. Shelby was found walking down Route 11 in Trumbull County by a nice man during a 90 degree day in July. A trip to the vet revealed she was dehydrated and had been thrown from a car (as evident by missing fur on her back). Those days are behind her now. She lives the good life with cat siblings B.B. and Mimi.

February 14, 2010

Two is Better Than One!

That’s what the new mom of these two adopted kittens said in an e-mail to us. Livvy and Dosi are fitting in well and striking dozens of adorable poses, like this one. We always like it when litter mates go home together and can make a special deal to make it happen. In all our years of doing adoptions we’ve never had anyone say they were sorry they took two. Plenty of people have come back though – trying to find a sibling they almost took, only to find out it’s too late.

February 9, 2010

Trooper Thomas

Meet Thomas. His mom had this to say about him: “He arrived on the back porch six years ago, very thin and beat up. He is now over 14 pounds, I think.” Not willing to give up his former life completely, he “does daily patrols of the neighborhood, driveway escorts of cars, provides fresh vittles of various kinds as offerings, and keeps us safe from marauders. He doesn’t back down from anyone except his big sister, Celeste!”

February 7, 2010

Foster Mom Sarah

This week’s purrson is barely visible in this picture as she’s blocked by one of “her” foster kittens. The lovely Sarah was adopted from our organization after she was abandoned at our shelter door in 2008. It was a bitter cold night and the note left with her said “they couldn’t bear to see her so cold”. Her ears still have signs of frostbite from that rough winter. When she was spayed the vet inquired as to where the kittens were as she showed signs of having been pregnant. Kittens!? Were they hidden away when mom was caught? Were they taken in but the mom not wanted? We’ll never know. But Sarah has never forgotten that maternal feeling. She cuddles all the foster babies. Never hisses or growls, but loves and licks them all. Here she gives Jill that loving touch!

February 1, 2010

Callie, now Sarah, Checks In

This week’s purrson is a cute calico named Sara Elizabeth (formerly Callie). She was adopted from us this month but made a nearly seamless transition to her new home. She has a big brother cat named Oswald to stalk. She refuses to let him out of her sight and he returns the favor. She also shares her home with a bunny named Patches. Sara likes to pat Patches on the head every time she passes her cage. (I’d sleep with one eye open, Patches!) When Sara isn’t watching the birds and squirrels from the window she like to snuggle under the blanket on the couch with anyone that will let her. Sometime only an ear peeking out will reveal her whereabouts. In this picture it looks like Sara is getting ready to get comfortable!

January 24, 2010

Sweet on Smudge

This little guy was the first foster kitten for some Cats Are People, Too! volunteers. That was nine years ago and the little guy is now a big guy named Smudge. He’s not quite sure if he’s a cat or a very confused person. Because he was bottle fed and didn’t have a mom to show him the ropes he often doesn’t act very catlike. He comes when you whistle, doesn’t really like petting, and makes spine tingling meowing noises when he feels neglected. His favorite food is whitefish and tuna. Needless to say, when it was time to give him up the foster parents couldn’t bear the thought. They have since gone on to foster many other kittens but this guy was the test case, the one that gave them many sleepless nights as they learned the ropes.

January 18, 2010

Dashing Dexter

This week’s purrson is the dashing Dexter. His foster mom has this to say about him, “We found Dexter on Halloween night. He was clinging for dear life on the shoulder of a trick or treater. I asked the boy what he was doing with the poor little kitten. He said he found it and his mother told him to get rid of it. He took his candy and dropped the kitten on my lap! I took him because I was afraid of what might happen to him if I didn’t. He was cold, shaking, scared, only weighed one pound, was full of fleas and hungry. After a couple of days he made himself at home. Today he has taken over the house and loves playing with our new cat tree and three other cats.”

The woman who wrote this has two teenaged boys. Which boys will carry the lesson of a compassionate mom with them their whole life? I think we all the know the answer to that question.

January 11, 2010

Laid-Back Louie

This week’s purrson is the handsome, laid back Louie. He’s made his way through several owners but now has settled down for good with a loving mom and four feline playmates. He loves watching birds, chasing bugs on the screened windows, and catching some rays by the French doors. Looks like he has a pretty awesome toy collection too.

January 3, 2010

Max’s Angels

This week’s purrson is the big-boned Max. When Max’s owner passed away unexpectedly in June one of our volunteers knew that Max needed another family fast. Since Max and the volunteer were already acquainted through a work relationship it wasn’t too difficult for him to move to this home. He is now settled in with his new family where he plays with his Boxer buddy, Junior, and lounges on the back of the couch. He’s a good eater, with a special fondness for Temptation Treats. He also gets some exercise by going outside on his leash when the weather is warm. There is an angel looking down on Max now. One who couldn’t be happier to see this week’s purrson.

December 27, 2009

Sweet Celesty

This week’s purrson is the beautiful, quirky Celesty. She was formally known as Sissy and was a long time shelter resident. She was taken from a home where we suspect she was mistreated and the kittens she had had “disappeared” shortly after birth. Her spay surgery was complicated and her recovery slow. She hated being combed and had to be shaved several times due to the mats she would develop. Then, to make her situation even more complicated, the shelter had to close and we needed to find her a home desperately. That’s actually when Sissy/Celesty got her break. A wonderful lady, who later became a volunteer, decided to give her a try. She is now a pampered, much adored cat who likes sleeping on the couch with her mistress and playing with cellophane and plastic baggies. She is treated like the princess she always knew she was and everyone who knew her couldn’t be happier!

December 21, 2009

Cranky Cosmo!

Cosmo, of Warren, is this weeks Cats Are People Too! Purrson of the week. Cosmo is 13 years old and is originally from Salem. He had been an only cat for the first 11 years of his life until two new brothers came along. He was unhappy at first but he has learned to accept the fact that he has to share his space. Cosmo spends 80% of his time sleeping, which is his favorite activity. Every once in a while he enjoys a moment with the Cat Dancer toy or playing laser tag. He only drinks water directly from the tap and only eats Iams dry food, mature formula. Cosmo is not a people person. He likes to be left alone or he can get really cranky. He’s at his best when left alone.

December 14, 2009

Josie aka Kittinga

This is Josephine, better known as Kittinga. Why do we call her Kittinga? I really have no idea! But someone said it, and it stuck. We rescued her from an amusement park, where she had been abandoned by her mother and living in a rain gutter. Her right eye was severely infected (which we think may have been the reason she was abandoned), necessitating eye surgery. Today, she is perfectly healthy, although the scar tissue in her right eye has left it a little bit crooked. Josie was living with another family for a while, but when they moved, they decided not to take her with them, and aren’t we lucky! She is a wonderful little cat who has made herself a permanent part of the family. She does have these rather annoying habits of stealing food from the table and chewing on fingers in the middle of the night… oh, and climbing up the curtains, and knocking books off the shelf, and playing tag with Phoebe at 4:00 a.m. … but we do love her! Actually, we adore her. I couldn’t imagine life without this silly, bratty, sweet and cuddly little girl — in a word, she’s purrfect!

-Wendi + family

December 6, 2009

Oscar the Grouch

This week’s Purrson is Oscar the Grouch. This guy lives in Warren and is thirteen years old. He likes tuna and cuddling up on his favorite guy’s lap or pillow. He’s not a cat for the faint of heart. His look says it all! He likes to have his way and when he’s feeling grumpy he might bite. He was adopted as an adult and had been declawed by the person who surrendered him. Some people think declawing can lead to problems with biting when the cat discovers this is its only way to defend itself. Or maybe his feet hurt and that makes him cranky. Whatever the reason, he is loved anyway.

November 29, 2009

C.C. is CAPT’s First Purrson of the Week!

The volunteers and friends of Cats of People,Too! thought it would be fun to profile (OK, brag about) some of our favorite felines on the blog. We have so many fantastic felines to tell you about, let’s get started!

Our first purrson of the week is C.C. of Warren.

C.C. began his life as a foster kitten in the Cats Are People Too! Club, but quickly persuaded his foster parents to take him in as an official member of the family. He is a little over a year old an enjoys playing with his two older brothers, Pedro and Cosmo. He also enjoys spending time in the cat jacuzzi as shown here. C.C. was named after Christopher Columbus because he was found floating in a mud puddle on Columbus Day. He is easy going and enjoys sitting on laps and licking hands and fingers. He is also a huge fan of Pitr Patr cat breath mints. C.C. is proud to be the first Cats Are People Too! Purrrson of the Week.

November 22, 2009

More Happy Tails

I adopted Halle (now Daisy) on March 29,2009. She was such a frightened little kitty at that time. She has turned into a delightful companion/playmate for my 1 yr. old Maggie (calico).
Sandra Morris

Here are a couple of pictures of Oreo. We renamed her Lilly and she loves it! Also a picture with her new big sister Luna! She is quite healthy, playful, and friendly! Thanx
Amber and Dennis

Here is a picture of Jake and Linus in their new home! They were adopted April 14, 2009 by Bridget and Jason Brown.

I just wanted to send you pics of our two adopted cats. We love them so much.

Gordy is the all black male. You guys called him Gordon at the time. We adopted him in 2002, he is now 7 years old. He is just the greatest!! He fetches like a dog, he gets along with everyone, including humans, and he does this thing where he nuzzles his head under your neck and kneads your shoulders (almost like he is giving hugs)and for long periods of time….. It is so adorable!

Zoe is the orange and white female. You called her Tinkerbell at the time. We adopted her this past Christmas. She is still all kitten. She is a little scavenger too. She carries everything all over the house and hides stuff constantly. My niece left a toy here it is a duck that quacks it is probably about 8 inches or so….Zoe carries it all over the house; has since she was brought home. It truly is hysterical to see.

We have two other cats Xena and Jackson, both strays we took to the vets and brought home/rescued. (not from any organization). We love them all like children.

Keep doing the great work.

Laura Fonce

August 6, 2009

Max-imum Cuteness

Mike and I recently adopted Max from the Niles store, and I wanted to write and let you know that he’s doing great. He’s a happy little kitten who enjoys playing with everything, chasing everything, and frolicking around the house. Here he is playing with one of his favorite toys – a McDonald’s straw! We absolutely love our little Max and are very pleased with all the great work your organization has done.

Jen and Mike
(July 23, 2008)

Three Cheers for Cheeto!

I had recently adopted Cheeto and I just wanted to let everyone know that he is doing great. Cheeto was actually a Valentine’s present to me from my girlfriend Kandis Cutlip, and he is the best thing that she could have gotten for me. He has gotten along with Fiona well and they are great running buddies now. I actually think that Cheeto has helped Fiona lose a couple of pounds. Anyway, he is doing well and he talks to me all of the time, letting me know when he wants some more wet food and when he wants more attention. Cheeto and Fiona are great additions to my life and I love them with my whole heart.

Tim Torch
(May 19, 2008)

A Dream Comes True

I recently adopted one of your cats from the Niles pet store. His name was Scotti, although his name is now George. He was a shy guy, but very friendly. He is doing WONDERFUL. It took him a little while to come out of his shell, but since he has, he now rules the roost. I just wanted to let your organization know that you succeeded in making at least one cat’s dream come true. He is loved and has a great home and we are thankful to have him as part of our family.

Thank you,
(April 16, 2008)

Adult Cats Rule!

We are just writing to inform you that both cats that we adopted from Cats Are People, Too are doing great! We wanted everyone to know that we made the right decision by adopting our second cat, Minnie Kitty (AKA Multi-May) from CAPT. Both cats, although adults, are very playful and extremely friendly. They love each others’ company. Spike became so much more active and playful after we adopted Minnie. Also, even though the two cats have each other, they are still very affectionate toward us and anyone who visits. Minnie basically rules the house. She keeps our 8-month-old German shepherd mix in check!

We absolutely love both of them very much and would never give them up. I would also recommend that people who are considering adopting from CAPT should think about adopting an adult cat. They are just as playful as kittens, are already litter trained, and need a loving home just as much as a kitten does. We love our cats very much and are very happy with Cats Are People Too!

P.S. The funny thing about this picture is that neither cat is supposed to be on the new furniture! You can see how well we enforce it!

Kristina and Luke
(December 21, 2006)

Great Gizzy!

We wanted to send you a picture of Gizzy – now known as Jasper – who we adopted this week. He is doing very well, has really adjusted, is friendly and playful. We wanted to say, Thank you!

Diane & Laura Phillips
(July 8, 2006)

Spike’s Got Spunk!

We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy our cat that we adopted from you. We adopted 3 year old Spike, and he is the best cat that a person could ask for. Originally we wanted to adopt a younger cat or kitten, but once we met Spike we knew he was the one. Although he is almost 4, he is very playful and loveable. He had no problem fitting in at our apartment, and we love having him there.

I would recommend to anyone who is looking to adopt a cat or kitten, to at least consider a grown (adult) cat. They make just as wonderful a pet as a kitten does and need a home just as bad. We love Spike and may consider adopting another one in the future. Cats Are People Too is a wonderful organization, and we hope that more great cats are able to find loving homes, and that more loving people are able to adopt these great cats!

Thanks again!
Kristina and Luke
(May 31, 2006)


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